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Chemical Joint Stock Company is not only chemical trading organization but also a investment company. We had some investment project at current time as Trang An Float Glass Factory, S&T Plastic Packaging...


Trang An Float Glass Factory was established in 2005. The factory had it''s first commecial product in 2009. It is one of the largest Chemco’s investment projects.
Trang An Float Glass Factory is the modern and large-scale plant with product line base on float glass technology. With the newest technology licenses from Pilkington Company, we guarantee to supply high quality float glass with thickness up 25 mm suitable for use in various application. The float process is chacracterized for molten glass to be poured onto the surface of molten tin so as to produce a wide and continuous glass ribbon. Free surface of the molten tin makes both surfaces of glass ribbon perfectly flat and smooth under the standard JIS 3202 1996 of Japan.
Production capacity: 350 Mts per day to product around 17 million square meter per year (base on 2mm thickness) with specification accroding to JIS 3202 1996 of Japan.
  Test report (sample glass)

  Sample picture of glass

  Detail size - Glass


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